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In-House Lab Testing

Cold-chain shipping shouldn’t feel like a gamble. Our in-house lab is set up to test your specific product under a range of shipping circumstances.

Common Profiles Tested by the Lab

Common Profiles Tested by the Lab






We test all of these temperature ranges and more against both summer and winter profiles. If you have a temperature profile you would like us to use, we can do that, or we can consult with you to help you determine a good temperature profile for your product.

Why you should invest in lab testing.

Ensure Successful Shipments

There will always be situations out of your control that cause a shipment to go awry. However, with qualification testing our customers have seen over a 99% success rate in their shipments. Knowing how your product will perform over the course of a standard shipment is priceless.

Extend Shipping Time

Without testing there is no real way to be able to tell how long a shipment can safely be in transit. We can help you determine how much coolant, or adjust a box slightly so you can extend your shipping time from overnight to two or three days, maybe even five.

Ensure efficiency in your Cold Chain Supplies

How much ice? Is the box too big or too small?  With our full service lab testing, you will not only know how well your product performs during transit, we will help make sure you are using just the right container and amount of ice to achieve your goals.

Full Service Consulting

We have over 25 years of experience with Cold Chain Shipping and Testing. We don’t just test a box; we help you find a full solution connecting your profile to your process.  From the time it is packed to the time it arrives, we also help you determine if your pack out and profile really fit the real world they will travel through.

We’ve solved a wide range of shipping needs.

Our clients’ success is important to us – and we’re proud to consistently deliver results.

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