Industry-leading insulated solutions, fulfilling your shipping needs in Biodegradable Blue or Classic Silver.



Ship Confidently with Two Proven Options

Control Temp Classic

Classic for a Shiny, Mylar Lining
with Wow-Factor

Industry-leading insulation values

High-impact, shiny packaging

Proven, durable materials
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Control Temp Blue

Biodegradable Blue for
Greener Shipping

Improved sustainability

Easier disposal with biodegradable plastic

Thermal capabilities are equal with Classic
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Better by Design

The size, color, and configuration of every R.N.C. order is tailored to your specifications, then built to our elite quality standards. Designed with more effective insulation to reduce coolants, interior load materials, size, and weight, your packaging can be exactly what you want it to be.

Higher R Value for Better Insulation

Higher R Value for Better Insulation

Get more insulation value per inch. Control Temp Packaging is extremely efficient as compared to competitive packaging alternatives. It offers a higher R value, which means you can use less insulation to achieve the same, or better, results.

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Innovative Design to Improve Logistics

Innovative Design to Improve Logistics

Whether it’s warehousing inventory by the pallet or pre-assembling a truckload for a specific date, R.N.C. is equipped to accommodate your just-in-time delivery needs. Control Temp Packaging is designed to have fewer pieces and occupy less space prior to assembly. Fewer parts make your inventory control easier.

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Tested in Our In-House Lab to Your Rigorous Standards.

Tested in Our In-House Lab to Your Rigorous Standards.

The cost to replace products damaged in shipping is more than just a replacement order. Ruined shipments lead to money lost on damaged products, lost time for customer service and sales teams, customers losing trust in your company and, worst of all, losses of long term customers. Our meticulous lab testing protects your products and your valuable reputation.

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Standard Configurations

boxes and pads

Boxes and Pad Sets

We have a wide variety of standard sizes that can be used to ship everything from food to pharmaceuticals. All utilizing R.N.C.’s industry-leading insulation.

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packing supplies

Gel Paks

Gel Paks come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for use with your Control Temp Packaging solution. From cases to truckloads, we can fulfill your Gel Pak needs.

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pad sets

Pad Sets Only

We can make Control Temp Packaging to fit just about any box. We sell pad sets from our standard size list, but we can also customize them to fit boxes you already use.

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flat rate box with classic pad set

Flat Rate Pad Sets

Your customers love flat rate shipping, and so do you. We offer pad sets to fit most flat rate and regional rate boxes. They are offered in both Classic and Blue, all utilizing R.N.C.’s industry leading insulation.

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Your Needs Are Anything but Off-the-Shelf

From custom sizes to specific thermal profiles, we’ll make it happen.

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Simple Assembly Is Always Standard

Pre-assembled, partially assembled,
or packed flat and ready to go.

See how simple assembly can be