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Fulfilling your shipping needs in biodegradable blue or classic silver.

Higher R Value for Better Insulation

Get more insulation value per inch. Control Temp Packaging is extremely efficient as compared to competitive packaging alternatives. It offers a higher R value and as a result, you can use less insulation with the same or better results.

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Innovative Design to Improve Logistics

Control Temp Packaging is designed to simplify shipping logistics and be easy to use. With more effective insulation, you may be able to reduce coolants, interior load materials, and even the size and weight of your regular packaging.

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Lab Tested to Reduce Product Losses

The cost of products ruined in shipment is more than just the cost to replace inventory. Over time, these ruined shipments can lead to bad company reviews and losses of long term customers. Our shipping solutions protect your products and your customer satisfaction.

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Ship confidently with Classic or Biodegradable Blue.

Classic Chrome

Industry-leading insulation values

High-impact, shiny packaging

Proven, durable materials

Biodegradable Blue

Improved sustainability

Easier disposal with biodegradable plastic

No loss of insulation vs. the Classic

Standard Configurations

If you need a non-standard solution, we’ve got you covered.

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve met shipping needs of all varieties. From custom printing and sizes to specific thermal profiles – just tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen. Tested for success in our in-house lab.

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