Sales Account Manager

Sales Account Manager

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The R.N.C. Accounts Manager is responsible for sales of R.N.C. products and services, maintaining relationships with new and current customers, and obtaining sales with all customers on a regular basis.


  • High school diploma or equivalent required.

  • Associates degree or higher preferred, but not required.

  • On year or more of sales experience required.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Must have the ability to work physically onsite at R.N.C.

  • Must possess a positive attitude and contribute to a harmonious working environment.

  • Must have the ability to read in English, retain information, and perform research in order to achieve the following results:

    • Be knowledgeable about the products and services offered by R.N.C. in order to fully discuss them with and sell them to potential customers.

    • Research new business opportunities and make necessary contacts to obtain new business. This includes maintaining contact with potential business to finalize sales and utilize tools provided by R.N.C. to do this. Tools such as the R.N.C. Accounting Program, Customer Relations program, e-mail program, schedule software, and the server.

    • Be knowledgeable about how to design boxes based on the customer’s wants and needs for their product. Understand how to use resources and the research and development process to achieve timely and effective goals when designing a new box.

  • Must have the ability to communicate effectively in English, orally and in writing, with customers, vendors, peers, supervisors, and upper management to achieve the following results:

    • Read, understand, and follow all rules and procedures established by R.N.C.

    • Add value by offering solutions to problems.

    • Accept and build upon constructive feedback from peers, supervisors, and upper management.

    • Communicate effectively and positively with co-workers and customers.

    • Receive training on assigned jobs.

    • Handle incoming sales calls or make outgoing sales calls in an informed manner.

    • Communicate with current customers and assist them with their questions and needs in a timely and accurate manner.

    • Help customers complete necessary paperwork for account setup, take the first order from the customer, and take subsequent orders when needed.

    • Be available to assist and answer phone calls related to customer service if a customer service representative is not available.

    • Be comfortable working with co-workers in the office and production managers toward common goals.

    • Ask questions about the products, services, and policies of R.N.C. if the answers are not readily available.

    • Follow up with customers on a consistent and regular basis to build a relationship and obtain regular sales.

  • Must have the ability to adhere to, observe, follow, read , and understand the following safety rules and company policies:

    • Must wear safety glasses when in the warehouse.

    • Maintain a clean work area.

    • Follow all company safety and organization rules.

    • Follow proper dress code established for the department as stated in the R.N.C. Personal Protective Equipment Policy.

    • Notify manager of any electrical, mechanical, or human health concerns.

    • Report any safety concerns to manager.

  • Must have the ability to work the following schedule, or as required by R.N.C.:

    • A set five (5) day work week, Monday through Friday.

    • Travel throughout Atlanta, Georgia and the United States, which may include overnight stays.

    • Overtime hours beyond the normal 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM work day and/or on holidays and weekends.

    • Be on time for meetings.

    • Arrive on time and be prepared to work.

    • Attend all training sessions.

    • Respect the work schedule.

This is not an exhaustive list of job responsibilities and duties. R.N.C. Industries, Inc. has the right to request that you perform other job duties in addition to those listed in this job description.