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Control Temp Blue

Control Temp Blue is composed of a corrugated shipping box and a two-piece insulated pad set. Control Temp Blue is made with Biodegradable Blue plastic, has the same thermal values as Control Temp Classic, and is effective for all types of temperature sensitive products.

Some of the highlights of Control Temp Blue are:

  • Superior insulation reduces product loss, extends shipping time, and allows for less coolant to be used!
  • Over 90 Standard Sizes! Take a look at our size list to get an idea of our wide range of sizes! Control Temp Blue is easy and inexpensive to customize! Visit our custom services page for more information!
  • Offered in three thicknesses: 1”, 1.5”, and 2”
  • Environmentally Friendly: Blue is easy to use and customers can feel confident when time to  dispose of our packaging that it is made of sustainable materials that will biodegrade over time. Visit our environmental information page for more about how Control Temp Blue is Blue for a Greener Earth.
  • Easy to ship and store! All of our packaging arrives flat and can be stored flat until ready to use.